I’m Finnish designer Hermanni Vuorisalo. For years I dreamt of a product that could represent my values. After having worked as an entrepreneur offering designer services for companies, I was driven to look at design from different points of view. I saw my strengths as an artisan - a designer and  builder of physical objects.

That combined with my interest to represent immaterial values in design and the idea of wooden bow ties was born. I wanted the design to represent my values of ecology, ethics and conscious consumption. It is for these values that the products are hand crafted from the best materials - they are made to last. So in 2016, just in time to celebrate my 30th birthday, the SÖÖR bow tie was created. 

The principal of sustainable economy drove me to make use of as much of the materials possible, and so the earrings were created. After long and meticulous product development the bow ties and earrings have become ethically sustainable high quality products.  Now I want to share with everyone this unique Finnish experience you can wear with pride!

The inspiration to create these designs came from family and friends, and all my products are dedicated to them. I want to thank everyone who have helped me at different stages of the process, I bow to you! 

A special thanks to the Finnish Markku Association for the permission the use the name Söör.

 Hermanni Vuorisalo